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Language Resource is a dynamic repository of information and resources designed to meet the needs of the linguistic community.

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Electronic Dictionaries

Electronic dictionaries with features that range from fully capable electronic translators to budget versions that are perfect for light applications. Whether your needs include learning a new language, translating business documents or simply having a foreign phrasebook handy when traveling for business or pleasure, we have the right electronic dictionary for you.

Advanced language learning handhelds have sophisticated language management utilities and speech recognition modules. Some even have talking picture dictionaries. Top models will have customizable interfaces and audio and video players, as well as an e-Book reader. Units with optical text scanners will allow you to upload and translate text.

Travel oriented handhelds combine travel guides with their dictionaries and phrasebooks. Not only will they help you learn to speak in the language of your choice, but these devices will step in when you most need them and provide speech recognition and voice output as a native speaker.

Even the budget versions have extensive dictionaries and phrasebooks and synthesized speech capabilities. Some add useful business organizer functions.

Translation Suites

Designed for use on desktops, laptops and Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, these software applications put all the features found on handheld units onto your computer.