Electronic dictionaries glossary


Amount of translations in the main dictionary.


Speech function for the given language(s) in this model. T-T-S technology allows you to listen to the pronunciation of any word whether it is in the dictionary or not.


American idioms and their translations or equivalents. (German idioms in DR models)

Commonly used phrases

Common and emergency phrases in several languages, divided into different categories: hotel, shopping, transport, health etc. (available languages depend on the model of Language Teacher®).

Organizer memory (KB)

Built-in organizer memory.


Built-in games (Hangman, etc).


Size and type of display.

Screen backlight

Availability of screen backlight.

Headphone jack

Some models are equipped with a headphone jack.

PC connection

Exchange of data from the dictionary to the PC and vice versa via COM-port.

AC adapter jack

Some models are equipped with a jack for external power supply.

Batteries (included)

Type and quantity of batteries.

Dimensions (WxDxH)

In millimeters and inches, in set-up form.

1 year warranty

You can read the INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY for Language Teacher®, Partner®, Universal Translator™ in .pdf format.

Bonus & demo software

CD with bonus & demo software:
1 Language Teacher® 98 Full version dictionary for Windows 95/98/NT4 (for given languages) - save up to $49.95!
2 Language Teacher® PC-Link for Windows 95/98/NT4 with data synchronization between electronic dictionary and PC
3 Demo version of dictionary programs Language Teacher® 98 for Windows 95/98/NT4 and Pocket Language Teacher® for palm-size PCs with Windows CE 2.0 (depends on the model)
4 Off-line versions of WWW sites developed by Ectaco, Inc.

Slim case

Slim case to store and carry the dictionary.


A practical preparation guide for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), which is required of non-native English speakers as part of the admission procedure to an American college. This section offers you the unique opportunity to practice the computerized test version in the form that it is likely to be presented to you at a real examination.

Advanced word recognition

While you are typing the word, the word closest in spelling to the word you type appears on the screen.

Instant reverse translation

Immediately after receipt of results, any of the translation options can be highlighted and entered in for translation to find more exact results.


When you are not sure of a word's spelling, the Vector Ultima™ spell-checker allows you to enter a word as you hear it and choose a spelling version from a list of suggestions.

Irregular verbs

List of all commonly used English / German / French irregular verbs (available languages depend on the model of Language Teacher®).

New word recording

The Language Teacher® allows you to create your own vocabulary, which automatically added to the user's dictionary and linked to the main dictionary.

Electronic grammar book

Basic grammar rules of English/French/German language (available languages depend on the model of Language Teacher®).

Math calculator

Simple calculator with arithmetic (+,-,*,/) operations.

Engineer calculator

Calculator for complex mathematical and trigonometric computations (as well as for basic arithmetical problems).

Currency conversion

Instant conversion and cross-rates computing up to 29 currencies (the list of available currencies depends on the model of Language Teacher®).

Metric conversion

With metric conversion you may easily convert measurements from the British-American system into the metric system commonly used in Europe and vice versa, as well as measurements within each system.


This function gives you the local time in major cities around the world.



Daily alarm

Daily alarm.


A sound reminds you of an event scheduled in the "Scheduler" section of the organizer.

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